La Riviera & Le Lavaux

Between lake and vineyards

Welcome to one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland: terraced vineyards surrounded by low brick walls, offer a breathtaking view over Lake Geneva. Discover the charming villages with one of our knowledgeable guides and stop at each of them to taste locally produced wines of passionate winemakers. Explore the colorful streets of Vevey’s old town, which was once Charlie Chaplin’s home.  Walk along the palm-lined quays of the romantic city of Montreux and do not forget to visit the Chillon Castle: surrounded by still water, this impressive monument seems to float on the surface of the lake. Relax on a private boat journey around Lake Geneva to enjoy the stunning view of the shore and the Alps. In brief, this region has every facet a traveler might dream about and the Swiss Escape will make your time there unforgettable.

Summer: We organize private boat trips on Lake Geneva, private guided tours in the Lavaux vineyards as well as hikes to Les Rochers-de-Naye where you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas in Switzerland. Every year in July, the famous Montreux Jazz Festival takes over the quays of Montreux and you will be able to attend open air concerts of your favorite artists among which Prince, Quincy Jones, Lana Del Rey and many others. Please contact us to obtain exclusive tickets to any concerts.

Winter: From the end of November until Christmas, stroll through the Montreux Christmas Market, where each year many decorated and illuminated chalets are featured along the quays of Lake Geneva. On a snowy day, we are happy to organize a private guided tour of one of the numerous museums of the region including Chaplin’s World where you will embark on a fantastic adventure across time and through the magical world of cinema.

Fall: Discover fall’s most beautiful facets and enjoy the last warm sunrays:  go for a mesmerizing hike in the mountains, walk through the vineyards, taste the renowned wines from the Lavaux as well as all the delicious culinary specialties, visit a cheese factory or attend an alpine festival where the cattle adorned with flowers and bells, go down the mountain to go back to their stable.

Accommodation: In an idyllic setting, overlooking Lake Geneva, the world renowned hotels take preciously care of their guests showing a rich experience in Swiss hospitality. Whether you want to stay in a historical palace in Montreux or you prefer a luxurious spa resort in the vineyards, we will book the most suitable hotel for you. We are committed to provide you with the best rates and exclusive amenities.

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